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Nato Watch Straps

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There are many NATO watch straps out there today, but stay away from the cheapest NATO straps, they won’t be as high quality as our premium NATO straps. The straps at are made of extra strong materials, available in all colours like green, beige, black, white, blue, army green, red, and more. NATO straps are a staple in men’s style, not only something that’s functional and durable, but fashionable – you can wear a NATO strap with your suit, or as part of a casual outfit.

Browse a NATO watch strap for sale below, from James Bond to the original NATO watch straps. Our sizes include 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. The traditional stripes of a NATO strap are uniquely historic, with a rich history of use over the years in the military. NATO straps are strong but also offer great comfort. You can choose the material you want, including fabric, perlon, seatbelt, elastic, and leather. We also now stock ZULU NATO watch straps, and Apple Watch NATO straps.

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What Are NATO Watch Straps?

NATO straps were the British Ministry of Defence standard issue watch strap, first given to soldiers in 1973 after completing their G1098 form (known as the G10, which gave them the short hand name of G10 straps). The name "NATO" was used as shorthand for the straps stocking number (NSN). These nylon watch straps contain a fail-safe feature in case a buckle breaks, making them ideal for military combat and rough terrain. They have since branched out in materials, with thick nylon weave being standard, but now also available in a nice brushed finish, seatbelt material, rubber, and leather. They come in cheaper straps like the basic range from NATO Strap Store, or pricier options like the premium NATO range from NATO Strap Store.