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Blog Post – Watch Guides – Quick Top 5 watches under $1000/£750

For my first quick guide I’d like to give my personal taste and opinion towards 5 watches that I’d strongly consider buying for under $1000. I was recently within this price bracket therefore having recent knowledge of the current market. My main focus is value for money and heritage. There are hundreds of watches on the market with thousands of different styles suited to different taste – This guide provides a general overview of the quality to expect at this price point. I encourage any personal recommendations to be mentioned in the comments. For me personally I like a well-made watch with a good movement. At this price point a Swiss automatic movement with a strong brand heritage is exceptionally...

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My first Blog Post!

Welcome new viewers. My name is Jay and one of my passions is watches. I’ve been interested in watches ever since I got my first watch back when I was 10, a blue Casio G-Shock that’s still going strong 13 years later. My passion developed after learning about the intricate mechanisms of Swiss automatic watches. The history of how these watches have been developed and the progression of their complications within a watch and what make them beat. I’m that guy that walks into Rolex, Harrods or just about any watch shop and spends a questionable amount of time staring at all the new and old offerings, thinking one day I’ll own this in my collection! So what about my...

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