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Blog Post – Watch Guides – Quick Top 5 watches under $1000/£750

For my first quick guide I’d like to give my personal taste and opinion towards 5 watches that I’d strongly consider buying for under $1000. I was recently within this price bracket therefore having recent knowledge of the current market. My main focus is value for money and heritage. There are hundreds of watches on the market with thousands of different styles suited to different taste – This guide provides a general overview of the quality to expect at this price point. I encourage any personal recommendations to be mentioned in the comments.

For me personally I like a well-made watch with a good movement. At this price point a Swiss automatic movement with a strong brand heritage is exceptionally hard to find. However, there are still some great watches out there. The advantage of choosing a cheaper watch is that you can really go in on making it your own with customizing the watch straps! Here are my top 5 in no real order, but don’t worry I will pick a favorite at the end. 


Number 5: Oris Pro Pilot Men’s Watches: £740

At the very top end of the budget is the Oris Pro Pilot. For Oris this is probably the most entry level automatic Swiss watch they have. Oris is a very respectable watch brand which contains rich heritage. I’m surprised they actually have something at this price point. It would look great with one of our NATO straps ;)


You get to buy into the Oris brand

Oris never skip at least some decoration, the machine etched bezel and crown looks elegant

Not flashy, sleek and under cover

Swiss automatic movement

Looks great on NATO and Perlon Straps

Did I mention it was an Oris?


Entry level pilot watches tend to be very simple

Colours can look boring to some – other colours cost slightly more

I’m sure this won’t be the most exciting watch I review

Number 4: Longines Flagship Gents Watch: £640

At a sale price you can purchase a Longines watch for only £640, another well-known brand with strong heritage. Similar to the Oris the Longines has a Swiss automatic movement with strong brand heritage; it’s suited for most occasions and looks classy pretty much everywhere. If you’re after simple and elegant then this is your watch.


Very classy looking

It’s a Longines

Swiss automatic movement

Good colours



Not exciting looking

Something a 70 year old probably prefers

Another simple looking entry level watch

Limited customization - lack of NATO strap support


Number 3: Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80: £620

Tissot dominate this price point with a vast majority of their models costing between £300-800. They are made to provide good value and they certainly do. Tissot have been in the game for a long time and unlike others competing for value watches Tissot are providing automatic Swiss movements. This particular watch would look fantastic with our black and blue NATO strap


Great value for a divers watch

Reliable Tissot brand

Swiss automatic movement

Looks exciting

Stands out



‘I have a Tissot’ Not as impressive as other potential offerings

Not a luxury brand (This may not matter)

Not a fan of the red bezel personally

Quality and finish could be improved


Number 2: Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 Premium: £560

I love this watch and what it stands for. It’s proof that you can get Tag Heuer/Oris levels of quality packed into a watch that’s 3-4 times cheaper. It’s exciting, it’s affordable and it’s just nice to look at. Steinhart are slightly unheard of to the general public, but if you don’t care about that and you don’t have £1300 to spend on a well-known brand for similar quality then this watch is for you. 


Great value for money

500m water proof

Very functional

High end materials (Titanium)

Quality ETA Swiss movement

Looks great

Blue features make it look unique

Great customization especially for our NATO straps  


Looks a lot like a Rolex Submariner

Is that a Rolex? Erm.. no it’s a Steinhart. It’s a what? X100


Number 1: Christopher Ward C60 Trident Titanium Pro 600: £825

I acknowledge that this particular variant of the C60 is expensive and slightly over budget. But it’s my blog and I do what I want. Christopher ward are an English company who make stunning watches and I recommend you to check out their entire range. This C60 Trident Titanium is my personal favorite out of the options. There are also slightly cheaper options well within budget that are worth a look into as well. I really hope that this brand does well over time and gets more recognition. Try this watch with our black and red NATO strap! 


The absolute best value for money watch

Black ceramic bezel

In house variant of a Swiss automatic ETA movement

600m waterproof (Omega Range)

Best of class finish


Looks incredible

Very unique features


Christopher Ward? Sounds like another Daniel Wellington watch *Face palm*

Lack of watch Heritage

Unheard of


So that’s it. That’s my quick top 5 list for this category. I’ve suggested 5 different watches for different tastes. My personal favorite is the Christopher Ward for stunning looks and class winning value for money.

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