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How to Clean a Leather Watch Strap

Leather watch straps go well with almost any outfit, so keeping it clean with all of that regular use is important, to prevent dirt, dust and sweat from wearing the strap and making it smell.

Here is our process for cleaning a leather watch strap:

Dry Wipe It First

There will likely be some moisture in the strap if you've been wearing it often, and so it's important to wipe away any moisture.

Also removing any dirt will ensure you don't end up scratching the leather later on.

A soft cotton cloth is usually appropriate for this.

Scrub with Suede Shampoo/Cleaner and Water

Our fine leather straps are made from suede leather, and so you have to use a specialist cleaner with these.

These cleaners are designed to be used on suede without damaging it.

Use Suede Protective Spray

By using a suede protective spray, you can add a barrier to dirt and grime that will keep your watch strap in a better condition, and keep it lasting longer.


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