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How to Stop a Leather Watch Strap From Smelling

The best step in preventing your leather strap from smelling is to avoid wearing it when you will sweat or in humid climates. It's this moisture/sweat that ingrains the leather with the smell, so aim to avoid it at all costs!

If you're currently stuck with a smelly leather watch strap, then cleaning it should be your first step:

  1. Dry Wipe The Strap - use a soft cotton cloth.
  2. Clean - you can clean it with suede shampoo (if it's suede leather) or a leather cleaner.
  3. Add suede/leather protective spray

If it still smells, here are some experimental methods used by others online (you do so at your own risk):

  • Mix baking sofa and water, and soak the strap in the mixture for a few minutes, then leave to dry.
  • Place them in a bag with bicarb sofa in the freezer overnight.

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