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My first Blog Post!

Welcome new viewers. My name is Jay and one of my passions is watches. I’ve been interested in watches ever since I got my first watch back when I was 10, a blue Casio G-Shock that’s still going strong 13 years later.

My passion developed after learning about the intricate mechanisms of Swiss automatic watches. The history of how these watches have been developed and the progression of their complications within a watch and what make them beat. I’m that guy that walks into Rolex, Harrods or just about any watch shop and spends a questionable amount of time staring at all the new and old offerings, thinking one day I’ll own this in my collection!

So what about my collection? Well I’m only in my 20s. However, having graduated university and managing to secure a reasonably well paying job I purchased my first real Swiss automatic watch, a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 5 movement. I’ll be sure to write a blog post for that watch very soon!

This blog is designed to keep the viewer up to date on my collection over time and my personal opinions on new watch releases. My favourite brands, my top 5 watches under a certain budget and the occasional artsy picture of a watch on my wrist.

Hope you enjoy!

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 5 – My watch review

I purchased this watch in Amsterdam airport to avoid paying tax. Usually this watch is around £1300 in the shops. However, I managed to purchase it for £1050! It was an incredibly exciting time as this was my very first watch that I could be proud of. Adding to that excitement I was on my way to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix final for the long weekend. So.. Yes that’s the reason I purchased the ‘Formula 1’ Tag and not an Aqua Racer, it adds to the memories of that time and I hope my future purchases will have a similar time stamp.

What do I think of it? It’s sleek, shiny, elegant, versatile, functional and a great first Swiss timepiece! I couldn’t have asked for more in a first timepiece. The power reserve usually lasts around 1.5/2 days if left untouched. However, I love winding it up! It makes the watch feel that extra bit special, knowing that there’s complicated mechanisms inside that make it work.

For a diver’s watch the design is not in your face, it’s fairly slim actually. I love the contrast between the rough and smooth embossed edges of the watch face; it adds some character and uniqueness to the Tag brands. The sharp hands of the watch give it a modern, purposeful characteristic, another unique feature of the Tag brand. One thing I love about this watch especially is the jet black watch face with the shiny metal surroundings. It’s very 1990’s ‘James Bond.’

On the topic of James Bond, adding a grey/black NATO strap to this watch makes it look stunning! I am in the process of ordering one, so watch this space! They’ll be a blog post on it soon.

I wear this watch almost all of the time. I don’t believe in keeping things locked away to only be worn once a year. I hate it when people buy stunning supercars and then keep then locked in an air conditioned garage for 10 years (another passion of mine is cars). I’ll be creating a blog on cars at some point in the future. Back to the point – I wear this watch all of the time, casual trips to the pub, formal events, at home, while I’m sleeping etc. Talking about sleeping it has a great luminosity, I’ll be sure to take some pictures of that when I can.

Feel free to share and add comments!

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